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2 марта 2021
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5 марта 2021
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Практическое задание к разделу 1
Задание 1. Discuss the questions in writing form.
1.What part does advertising play in public life?
2.Why is advertising called the lifeblood of an organization?
3.Can you give examples of early forms of advertising?
4.What can you say about the development of advertising?
5.What are the channels advertising uses every day?
6.What is the role of mass media in advertising?
7.Why are so many people involved in the great business of merchandising?
Задание2. Consider the pros and cons of advertising and take sides.
Arguments for:
1.It gives information. We can read adverts from different companies and
2.It pays for our newspapers, magazines, TV and radio, which would otherwise cost more.
3.It can be beautiful. Life would be dull without it. Often a 30 second advert costs more than the one hour TV programmer it breaks into. So, it should be good!
4.It employs people: artists, directors, designers.
5.It’s experimental. Adverts need to have new ideas, and allow artists room for creative thinking.
Arguments against:
1.It creates false differences between similar products. For example, tests show that all detergents are equally effective. As a result detergents are heavily advertised, which puts the price up.
2.It creates false ideals and images. People worry because they use the wrong deodorant. People see images of men and women with ideal figures, and worry if they are different. The idea of a consumer society is promoted.
3.It causes annoyance, nuisance, noise and ugliness. Posters clutter streets. Bits of paper flood through the letter box.
4.Advertisers use children to pester their parents into buying something.
Задание 3. Read the text.
Most network TV time is bought by commercial firms which persuade the audience to buy certain goods from a certain company. Your program will be interrupted every 10 to 15 minutes to present these commercials to you, which will make you beautiful if you eat Kraft cheese or that you are sure to die young, poor and neglected if you do not use Esquire shoe polish. Commercials are declaimed in prose and recited in verse, sung by soloists and choirs, persuading, threatening, warning and ordering people to drink Knickerbocker – “New Y ork’s oldest beer”. The selection of the types of programs to be presented is controlled primarily by the advertising sponsor. The advertiser, in turn, relies heavily upon the popularity of a program. As a result, TV programming is likely to run in cycles, with one or two types of presentation predominating. At one time, comedy and variety shows were very popular, occupying a large segment of TV time. Then came a period in which quiz programs – question and answer contents offeri ng money or gift prizes to the winners – were very popular.
b) Answer the questions and discuss commercials in this country.
1.What do the commercials persuade the audience to do?
2.How often is a program interrupted to present commercials?
3.What genres are employed to influence commercials?
4.How often are programs interrupted for commercials on Russian TV?
5.What programs are the most popular with advertisers?
6.What’s the public reaction to advertising on TV?
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